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How we made "CATCH ME" juggling video

My first full length juggling video in 3 years! Time flies. 

This video was such a blast to make. When I heard the song “Catch Me” by Braves, I knew I had to make a juggling video to it! After all, with a title like that it was just begging for it. 

And the chorus “catch me if you can” happens to fit perfectly with my style of juggling… dropping!

I love showing drops in my videos. Why? Because it’s reality. Because it reminds us that juggling is just as much about dropping as it is about throwing and catching. I appreciate every drop I make because it reminds me that I’m trying. So, I knew I wanted to include a lot of drops in this video. And boy did I show a LOT of drops in this video!

Then one day when rocking out to Catch Me in my car like a dork, it occurred to me: what if I juggled WITH MYSELF?! :O

I worked in VFX for a bit when I first moved to LA, so I knew just how to make that happen. I also knew that it would take me quite a long time and be pretty mediocre looking with my rusty VFX skills, so when my friend Dan, a professional VFX artist, offered to help out, I didn’t resist. He did such an awesome job, and being the helpful sonofagun that he is, he’s making a tutorial showing exactly how he made this magic happen for those of you who want to give it a whirl! That tutorial is coming soon!

When the day came to shoot, I gathered my fancy camera, my juggling clubs and balls, and called upon my friend Jack Kalvan to stand in as a juggle-double for the second Taylor. Jack is a much better juggler than I am, so that made things super easy. To get the shots we needed, we basically filmed each trick twice, once with me as one version of Taylor, and once as the other Taylor. Jack stood in as the opposite Taylor to help with timings of juggling tosses!

Dan’s Troubleshot VFX Tutorial goes more in depth on this process. And it's AWESOME.

So check it out here, and show Dan some love by liking and subscribing!

Overall, this was a super fun video to make. With the help of some great people and great music, I couldn’t have asked for a better result!


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