• Taylor Glenn

Intro to Claymotion Juggling - Tutorial

Watch the video above to learn how to do the basics of Claymotion Juggling with easy to follow steps and explanation!

Prefer a written tutorial? Well, you're in luck, that's what this is! (But seriously, the video is probably going to be more helpful!)

Claymotion Juggling. What is it? Why is it called that? Do I need clay? Is it hard? How do I make it look good!?

These are all the questions I'm going to answer for you today!


The great thing about Claymotion is that you don't have to know ANY other juggling to learn it. Not even the 3 ball cascade! It's a completely different style of juggling so it doesn't require any previously learned special tricks.

What is Claymotion?

Claymotion is a style of juggling that emphasizes START/STOP motions. Unlike regular toss juggling, Claymotion is all about the pauses that are created and the balls are not always in the air! It has nothing to do with clay or stop motion animation.

Why is it called Claymotion?

Claymotion gets its name from a British juggler named Richard Clay. Back in the 80s, he started exploring this style of juggling. Someone thought it'd be fun to name the style after him and came up with the confusing name "Claymotion" so we could forever confuse it with things like Wallace and Gromit.

How to Do Claymotion!


The bounce is the base of many Claymotion tricks. So let's start there!

Step 1: Before you dive into the trick, you have to learn how to properly hold the balls for Claymotion.

Hold one ball between your thumb and index finger. We call this the THUMB POCKET. In Claymotion, if you are only holding one ball in your hand you should usually be holding it in the Thumb Pocket.