• Taylor Glenn

How to Juggle “The Weave” – Beginner Tutorial

How to Juggle “The Weave”

Beginner 3 Ball Tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to do the basic 3 ball juggling trick “The Weave” with easy to follow step by step breakdown, tips, and troubleshooting!

Prefer a written tutorial? Here it is!

(but seriously, the full video is probably more helpful)

So you want to learn The Weave? Good choice! The Weave is a beautiful three ball trick and is a great one to tackle if you’re just getting into the world of fun 3 ball tricks. Here’s a heavily compressed gif of The Weave (seriously if you can, watch the full video above, it’s much easier to see the steps!)


The weave is not a hard trick, but I do recommend you already have a good handle on:

The 3 Ball Cascade – Required

The 423 Pattern – Required

Comfortability with 423 in columns – Recommended


The Weave is just a 423

At it’s base, The Weave is just a basic 423 with the 2s going up and around the 4s. Nothing fancy, just a 423 with weird 2s. I know that’s easier said than done, so let’s break it down step by step, or rather, throw by throw!

Throw by Throw

Step 1: