• Taylor Glenn

I tried making a short film *film included!*

I tried to make a short film. It was harder than I thought. Check out the full short film and my experience in this video (plus bloopers!!)

This summer, I attended the 72nd Annual International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana! (check out the IJA: www.juggle.org)

Imagine a week long party full of people throwing stuff up in the air. Yeah, it's that cool.

One of the things I love about the IJA Festival is that there's always a ton of fun things to do! There's workshops, games, competitions, and this year they added even more quirky stuff to the lineup.

One of those new additions was a film festival.

The premise was simple: make a short film that incorporated juggling, but wasn't just your typical "juggling video" with a montage of cool tricks.

That meant that it needed some sort of narrative structure! It was allowed to be any genre (documentary, parody, musical, drama, comedy, etc) and had to be over 5 minutes long.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE movies. That's why I moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago: to work in movies. So of course I knew I wanted to enter the IJA film festival! I was not, however, prepared for how hard it was going to be.

Writing the Script

First I had to write the script. I knew I wanted it to be fairly simple. Something I could shoot in a day, in one location with two people. I knew that I wanted to be in it, because I wanted to try acting (turns out, it's hard). And I knew that it had to be over 5 minutes long (which I found super hard). So I came up with the basic idea of someone breaking up with me because I'm a juggler. This has never happened to me, mind you, but I often think how annoying I must be as a roommate because of my juggling habits. To get some inspiration, I asked my current roommate Jen what the most *potentially* annoying things are about having a juggler as a roommate.

She had some quick answers. Too quick.

-Fidgeting all the time.

-Breaking things.

-Juggling props all over the place.

She said them all with a loving smile. Jen rocks, and loves having a juggler roommate, but she admitted that these are things other people might not like. Perfect reasons for someone to break up with a juggler in a script. Excellent!

Next I needed to make it funny. Ugh.

So I called up my good friend Mark Hayward (juggler and yo-yo extraordinaire, check out his YouTube) who helped me flush out the funny parts of the script. Thanks Mark, you rock.

If you want to read it, here is the final script:

The Breakup Version 1

Now, if you watched the video above with the actual short film in it, you'll know that the original script is pretty different from the final product.