• Taylor Glenn

I tried writing a UKULELE SONG #ThankYouPatrons

Today is Thank You Patrons day, and I decided to try something special in honor of all the members of my Otter Club on Patreon!

If you want to download the mp3 to listen at home, you can find that here!


And since I always want to inspire you to try the things I try, here are the chords and lyrics to this song so YOU can learn it too!

(Want a good beginner uke? Here's what I learned on!)

Verse 1

C Hi

F my name's Taylor and I

C try

F to do new things

Dm I don't know what I'm

F doing half the

G time. But I

C try

F every week and there are

C some

F who support me

Dm my special fans

F who are extra fine


C Thank you

F to all the Otters

Dm in the Otter

G Club

C Thank you

F for all your support

Dm you show me so much

G love

Bridge? (I still don't know what a bridge is.)

Dm you make it possible

F for me to

G eat

Dm and I think