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I tried Basketball Trickshots!

As a kid, I played all the "classic" sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball.

Baseball was by far my favorite, mostly because it didn't involve a ton of running (I suck at running). I sure do love baseball. But this post isn't about baseball...

It's about a brutal game called basketball. A game with a small basket and a weird rubber ball that is too hard to grip. But I didn't play just any regular basketball, oh no, last week I had the opportunity to try TRICKSHOT basketball with professional trickshooter Josh Horton!

Check out his YouTube

I've known Josh for over 10 years, he's a juggler like me, and we've stayed buds ever since we met at a juggling festival back when we were both awkward teenagers (he's less awkward now, I am still very awkward).

Josh posts videos multiple times a week of himself making difficult basketball shots and breaking world records. So I thought, hey, I want to try this trickshooting thing!

Josh agreed to play a game of "trickshot HORSE" with me. You know HORSE right? One person makes a difficult basket, and the other person has to try to make the same shot otherwise they get a letter, first person to spell out H.O.R.S.E loses.

You can imagine how well that went for me.

Check out the video above to watch all the fun antics I had trying to do trickshots! Josh and I had a fun lighthearted "rivalry" going, but we both knew it wasn't really a competition. Partly because we're such good friends, and partly because, well, it's not really a competition when one person is a professional and one person doesn't know what a layup is (I DO NOW).

Reflecting back on the experience

I know it may not seem like it, but I genuinely felt like I improved throughout the video! I can see how, with enough practice, someone could become consistently good at making those trickshots. The one I felt the most proud of was the behind the back basket. I felt just as cool as Sigourney Weaver in Aliens! Even if it did take me 25 attempts and it only took her one. You have to start somewhere.

I have an all new appreciation for watching Josh's videos, and there's a part of me that still wants to practice more trickshots in the future! I just need to remember to stretch first...


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